In 1989 Mike Walker started building a totor home for
himself with Bill Martin in Council Bluffs Iowa. Word got around
and he saw there was a market for totors and trailers. So Mike 
started a business called Wild Side Custom Haulers.

2. Mike soon followed up his totor homes with a complete
coach for Bob Miller. This was the first complete coach
built on a big truck chassis. Bob's first coach was built on a
Mack chassis and still looks great 21 years later.

3. As the market was growing, Mike saw the need for a two-car trailer. 
Stacking two cars took up all the tire rack space.  So in 1990 Mike 
decided it was time for a different trailer no one had built before. Mike 
then built himself a trailer with a lift gate and both cars went in the top. 
He had to build it for himself because no one would believe that this 
would go behind a coach. The rest is history.

4. After many years of building trailers and coaches for
some of the top Dirt Late Model Drivers and Team Owners Mike
looked to NASCAR as the next challenge. Mike took the small
custom coach and trailer company to the big show, as it's called,
and began building 53 ft trailers for some of the top teams in
the Cup, Bush and Truck series.

5. In 2000 Mike gave up  80% interest in the business to
Gary Baker and moved the custom shop from Underwood, Iowa to
Nashville, Tennessee. This was a move to get the needed financial
backing put into place so the business could move to the next
level. This turned out to be a tragic move.

6. With a passion for custom top shelf work and a "thinking outside
the box" mind that loved to build new and improved products
with looks you would never forget, Mike decided to move on. In 2003 
Mike started 5150 Race Trailers located just south of Nashville, TN, 
off I-65 where history is being made once again.